Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Of The Greatest Canadian Inventions Of All Time

Throughout history, there has been several earth shaking inventions made by Canadians. Thanks to these brilliant men and women, our lives have been made much easier through tools, games, equipments and medication invented by these great people. Discussed below are some of the greatest Canadian inventions in no particular order.

Invention of Insulin

Insulin was invented in the winter of 1921 and the spring of 1922 by a scientist called Dr Frederick Banting and his assistant known as Charles Best. Through numerous tests and trials followed by sleepless nights, these two great men permanently changed how diabetes was being treated, giving hope and good health to diabetics all over the world. Without any shred of doubt, this invention does stand out.

The Telephone

This invention changed the world forever, it opened up the entire globe to all and sundry. Alexander Graham Bell and his loyal assistant, Watson invented this earth shaking communication media in 1876. This device has and continues to form the basis of various communication concepts. It is almost unthinkable to imagine how far behind the entire world would be if the great Alexander Graham Bell had not made this invention. We congratulate another great Canadian inventor!

The Invention of the Pacemaker

If you are suffering from a heart ailment or know anyone with a heart problem then you are bound to appreciate the impact of the Pacemaker in the medical fraternity. In 1950, Mr. John Hopps an electric engineer put forward his theory that a heart that was unable to continue working could be jolted back to life again. From this theory, the Pacemaker was developed. Together with John Callaghan and Widred Bigelow a cardio- thoracic surgeon at the Toronto General Hospital they designed an external device that used the then new Vacuum tube technology to provide the required transcutaneous pacing. The initial pacemaker has since been greatly improved as it was a tad crude and because it was powered by an AC wall socket it could accidentally electrocute the patient.

The Java Programming Language

Java is a computer programming language that is object oriented, class based and concurrent. Its working mantra is to allow programmers or code writers to Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA), this implies that code written for one platform can be run on another platform without recompiling. A Canadian, James Arthur Gosling with two of his colleagues, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan initiated this language in 1991; the language was initially known as ‘oak’, in reference to a tree outside Goslings office. It was later called ‘Green’ before settling for the name ‘Java’ after the popular java coffee. The language was initially designed for interactive television; it currently remains a de facto standard that is controlled through the transparent and open Java Community Process. It was released as free and open source software (FOSS) on November 13th 2006.


Way back in December of 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian working in the US as a physical education professor at the International YMCA training school in Springfield Massachusetts , currently the Springfield College thought of a way of keeping his class fully occupied and physically fit through an indoor game during the long winter periods. He went ahead to set the rules and went ahead to nail a peach basket onto an elevated track that measured 10 foot. The game was initially played with a soccer ball and the peach basket retained its bottom, calling for manual retrieval after every point was scored. This was found to be inefficient and the bottom was later removed. The peach baskets were used for over 14 years before being replaced by backboards and metal hoops in 1906. This is one of the greatest Canadian inventions without a doubt.

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